Kiwi bird

I don’t know about you, but I’m a huge Harry Potter fan. In fact, I’m into all the magical things as far as I can remember.

If you ever read/watched Harry Potter series, I’m sure you wondered yourself what’s your Patronus to be like. Something big and strong like a lion or maybe something cute like a rabbit?
There are quizzes to take and discover your Patronus for fun. I took one in the past and I remembered mine was a lioness. Or, you can go to the official website by J.K. Rowling called Pottermore and find out your Patronus there. (That feels more like “real”, if you know what I mean.) I got a fox.

I’m happy with either a lioness or a fox. (To be honest, I have a feeling that I got a lioness because I’m a Leo.)
But if you can choose yours? I’d love to have a sea otter or an otter. Simply because I love them. They are just too cute. I feel like their cuteness can repel the Dementors. My boyfriend was laughing when I told him that.
So I asked him, “What’s going to be yours then?”

His answer was a kiwi bird.
Immediately the image of a kiwi bird Patronus shooting out of a wand and charging to Dementors popped into my head. I have to say, I died of cuteness overload. It’s even cuter than sea otter or an otter!

That moment, I knew that I have the right one.
I fell even harder for him.