My favorites from The Body Shop

I’d like to write about my favorite products from The Body Shop today. 🙂

The first thing I want to share with you is definitely one of my favorites of the all products I’ve ever used. (Among The Body Shop products I’ve purchased, that is!)
Which is this Almond Hand & Nail Butter.

Hand cream is something I have to carry around in my bag.
I love having soft and moisturized hands.  So, I’ve used many kinds. I love trying new hand cream, too. However, I’m quite picky when it comes to hand cream. (Well, I’m picky about other things, too, actually.)

This texture is very unique. It looks and feels like cream cheese.
There is also the one in a tube, but their textures are not the same. The one in a tube is softer and a bit closer to milk. (The Body Shop Hand and Nail Cream, New Almond, 3.3 Fluid Ounce (Packaging May Vary) I haven’t used this type for a long time, so they might have changed the consistency.)
Because it’s in a jar, it’s not that handy to take it with me. But I don’t mind that at all. I just need to put the hand cream into a much smaller jar/container. I even enjoy refilling it every once in a while.

The cream cheese like texture is such a pleasure to spread between hands. It sinks into skin quickly. It doesn’t leave sticky or greasy touch.
It moisturizes the skin and the hands feel silky soft.
And, it smells great!

Mine is empty, so I have to get new one again!

Next one is a face wash from tea tree line, which is Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash.

I bought this one mainly for my boyfriend first, but I ended up using it more.
We’re very close to finish the 2nd bottle (maybe the 3rd? I’m not sure anymore).

This facial wash is rather gentle even though it has tea tree oil in it. It doesn’t strip off the skin.
It has cooling effect, which is very refreshing. It wakes you up, so it’s perfect for morning!

Peppermint Smoothing Pumice Foot Scrub was one of first The Body Shop products to me.
I’d say this is the best foot scrub I’ve ever tried. I prefer this scrub than a pumice stone itself.

Those are my top 3.
I do have more products from The Body Shop at home, but they’re still rather new to me. I’d like to use them well first before I write anything about it.
Oh! But I do have something else I could add in this post. Things I don’t recommend.
I wouldn’t recommend any kind of their Body Sorbet. The texture is very weird. It didn’t seem like moisturizing the skin much. I didn’t like that it didn’t sink in to the skin. If you keep rubbing it in, then you’d get eraser-like residues. Yuk…
The concept and idea are fun though.

I guess I’ll stop now.

See you soon!