The best cleanser I’ve ever used!

Yes, this one!! Cleansing Research Makeup Cleansing Wash with AHA, 0.09 Pound

This is a facial cleanser. (If I understand correctly, a cleanser works as a makeup remover and a face wash. Correct me if I’m wrong. The reason why I’m a bit confused is because in Japan, we don’t say “cleanser”. We simply say either “makeup remover” or “face wash”.)
And yes, this product is from Japan.

I don’t remember when I used this one for the first time anymore, but I do still remember how happy and satisfied with this product was.
This facial cleanser helped me getting rid of my stubborn acne.
I believe it was my first time to use a skin care product with AHA in it. Thanks to this cleanser, I’m a big fan of AHA.

Even if you don’t suffer from acne like I did (lucky you!), I still totally recommend this cleanser to anyone, really.

I would say that my skin is “lazy”, meaning it doesn’t shed off its dead layers of skin without help. Hello? What happens to the natural skin renewing cycle?
So, for me, exfoliating is a huge must. If I don’t do it regularly, my skin gets thicker. (I mean it!)
Having a thick layer of dead skin doesn’t do anything good. It prevents moisturizing properly and cause acne. The skin feels rough, and you feel like peeling it off. Literally. This facial cleanser is perfect! Why? Because first of all, it has AHA. And the second of all, the cleanser has micro beads in it. They work perfectly exfoliating the skin in a gentle but effective way.

With this cleanser, you can use in 2 ways.
1, As a makeup remover or a deep cleanser.
Wet your face (with/without makeup), apply the cleanser directly to your face with your finger tips and spread it evenly by massaging your face with circular motions. Add water and rinse it off.
2, As a face wash.
Take some of the cleanser on to your palm, add water and make it foamy a bit. Apply the foam to your face, give your face a massage, and then wash it off.

I would still use an oil base makeup remover, but it does remove makeup properly. (Well, at least I have no problem removing my natural makeup.)
It comes pretty handy when you’re too tired to do a double cleansing or when you travel.
You just need one product only. πŸ™‚

My boyfriend loves using this one, too. He enjoys the scent and simple package design.

I’ve tried so many products to get rid off black heads, but I think this one works the best.
It’s gentle enough to use it everyday. (This one is targeted for normal to oily skin.)
It brighten up the skin by exfoliating, and leaves you a soft and smooth, baby like skin.

I can’t get enough of this!
I’m so glad that I’ll be back to Japan in a few months, so I can stock up on it.
If you’re planing to go to Japan, you shouldn’t forget to try this one. You can easily find this tube in a drugstore. πŸ˜‰
If you don’t have a plan to go to Japan, then you can buy it from here.

(I’m quite surprised that the price difference isn’t much at all! It’s even cheaper than buying it in Japan.)

See you soon!