Hi there!
It’s raining and I love listening to the sound of rain. It’s very calming. Especially when I’m laying in bed. It’s even peaceful somehow.

I was wondering about what I should write next. I have many things I love, but it was rather difficult to pick one. I thought I would go for the nail polishes/nail art I’ve been wearing for the last 3 weeks, however, I picked something totally different.

The topic I chose is American TV series called Grimm.

It was only about a month ago when I started watching it on Netflix. I had no knowledge of this TV series. To be honest, it was an accident.
My boyfriend and I were going through the choices on Netflix to pick which one to watch on our very first day of a free trial month. I remembered hearing a good review of Once Upon a Time however, I couldn’t remember the title, except it was something to do with fairly tales. Then, there was Grimm.
“Hmm… I’m not entirely sure if it was this one. But hey, why not?” That’s how I mistook it and started watching it. And you know what? I’m glad that I didn’t remember the title! Otherwise I might have not thought about Grimm at all. (I’m plaining to watch Once Upon a Time in the near future.)

Grimm is a detective police drama located in Portland, Oregon.
The main character, Nick Burkhardt is a descended of the famous brothers Grimm and he finds out that he has a special power to see the true nature of mythological creatures living among human.

The tone of the TV series is dark and mysterious, yet there are many comical and funny moments. I have to say that their special effect isn’t the best kind out there, but I can pass that.
An episode of Grimm is a self-contained most of the time. (I love procedural drama!) I like characters in the series and how Nick develops his relationships with them.
My favorite is Monroe, who is a wolf(-like creature) called Blutbad. He is kind, knowledgeable, and funny in an awkward way sometimes.

If you’re interested in interiors like me, then I have a website you might like to check.
Unfortunately, it’s a Japanese website. But if it was just checking out the floor maps of their houses (Nick’s and Monroe’s) and images of their rooms, you should be able to enjoy without reading those texts.

Have you ever watched Grimm? Do you like it? Did you like it?
In case you’re curious about it, here are links for you.
Watch Grimm on Netflix/
If you love a detective drama series, something dark and mysterious, fairy tales, super natural stuffs, romance, friendships, and funny plots that make you laugh, then this one is for you!

See you soon!